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Rude and offensive films and Islamic riots, what would Mohammed say?

John Humphrys was his usual dog-with-a-bone-of-contention this morning on Radio 4 as he pushed to get an answer from Taji Mustafa to the question “Do you condemn the Imams who condone violence in the face of insults to Islam?”  Mustafa … Continue reading

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95 theses against the assumptions of secularism

In 1517 Martin Luther posted his 95 theses “Disputation on the power and efficacy of indulgences” on the door of the Castle Church of Wittenberg.  What Luther did that morning arguably began the reformation of the church in Europe.  There … Continue reading

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This is about more than the death of a newspaper

I’m already completely bored of the way the BBC and print media pour over the minutiae of the News of the World scandal like scavengers around a corpse.  The media pack has almost picked dry the carcass of that once … Continue reading

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Thinking again about atheism

My recent encounters with atheists on this blog have got me thinking again about what atheism is.  I write from the perspective of an ex-atheist.  From the age of 18 to 23 I called myself an atheist and even joined … Continue reading

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From the vicarage March 2010

From the vicarage March 2010 By the time this edition of the parish magazine is published we might know the date of the next general election. So what sort of person do we want as our local MP? What sort … Continue reading

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