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What’s the difference between guilt and shame?

So you are in a conversation about the gospel and you mention the “G” word, guilt.  You say something like, we are all guilty before God for breaking his laws.  The other person responds with “I don’t feel guilty.”  The … Continue reading

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When being gay is no choice.

I wrote last week about the lack of choice facing pregnant women after a one night stand. An abortion leads to guilt, shame and ruined relationships and having a baby leads to guilt, shame and ruined relationships. Abortion is the … Continue reading

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An abortion story of guilt and failed relationships.

The Daily Mail ran an article on Tuesday by Frances Hardy about one night stands and abortion.  The article contained an interview with a young “middle class” girl who found she was pregnant after a one night stand with a … Continue reading

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John Humphrys: It’s the “why” that’s tricky.

John Humphrys’ report in the weekend’s Telegraph about shameless legless boozers seeks answers to why we are living in an age of social and moral meltdown. Humphrys’ reflection goes part of the way to answering the question: But none of … Continue reading

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The fruit of the Spirit as a form of legalism

In Matthew 7:16-20 Jesus teaches his disciples to watch out for false prophets, “you will recognise them by their fruits” says Jesus. Many Christians, including myself at one time, turn this verse back on themselves and they ask “what are … Continue reading

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