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Spurgeon on a living a Christ centred life.

Every prayer, every sermon, every waking moment, every dream, all of life must be saturated with Christ.  Here’s C.H. Spurgeon’s thoughts on preaching and living the Christ-centred life: See to it then, beloved, that you never pray a prayer which … Continue reading

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Spurgeon: Feed your kids beside the shepherds’ tents

William Still, the Church of Scotland minister under whose preaching ministry I was converted, had a phrase “pastor, feed the sheep on such truth that men are called to Christ” [The Work of the Pastor]. C.H. Spurgeon uses similar language … Continue reading

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How can I be spotless and filthy at once?

In his sermon on Song of Songs 1:7-8, C.H Spurgeon writes the clearest explanation of the gospel; that I can feel filthy and know I am spotless at the same time: Song of Solomon 1:7-8 Tell me, O thou whom … Continue reading

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Working for Christ in his absence?

I’ve been thinking about crucifixion, mortification and prayer and the route to ministry burnout. This extract from Spurgeon’s sermon on Song of Solomon 1:7-8 “The good shepherdess” is a great encouragement never to lose sweet fellowship with Christ: I know … Continue reading

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Do you preach the real Christ or an abstract and doctrinal one?

In his sermon on Song of Songs 1:7, “Love to Jesus“, Charles Spurgeon challenges Christians to love the real Christ and so the challenge to preachers today is; how do we preach Christ? Is Christ real or abstract and doctrinal? … Continue reading

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Has your MP kept a vineyard?

Yesterday ‘s post on art, virtue and knowledge in public speaking applies as much to members of parliament as to ministers in the church. MPs fall when virtue is absent. So here’s some more food for thought for any prospective … Continue reading

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Why Christ’s love is better than wine #2

I was a binge drinker between the ages of 17 and 23, regularly getting wasted for the buzz. I was drawn to Christ at the end of that time and simply stopped drinking. Old friends asked “why don’t you get … Continue reading

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Why Christ’s love is better than wine #1

I’ve started reading CH Spurgeon’s sermons on Song of Solomon and really loved his first meditation on why Christ’s love is better than wine. These are the first Spurgeon sermons I remember reading. His work is not expository but what … Continue reading

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