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Transforming Grace is 6 years old today

Where does the time go?  WordPress has just messaged me to say “Happy Anniversary”.  Six years ago today I published my first post, extracts from Thomas Watson’s five marks of a spurious mourning for sin.  782 posts and over a … Continue reading

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3 reasons why God makes a man poor in spirit

Here’s Thomas Watson again with three reasons why God makes a man poor in spirit: It is God’s usual method to make a man poor in spirit, and then fill him with the graces of the Spirit. As we deal … Continue reading

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7 ways believers are already blessed

The fifth anniversary of my blog Transforming Grace is coming up in December. It all started because I wanted somewhere to keep my notes from Thomas Watson’s Exposition of the Beatitudes.  It took me 11 months to read it the … Continue reading

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Transforming Grace Top 10 (2011-12)

I’ve been blogging for over four years now, though I’ve been off blogging for the last couple of months.  I’ve stopped because I’ve got lots on my plate, with little time to think theological thoughts, which is probably not a … Continue reading

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The beatitudes as ultimate blessing

I’ve posted lots on this blog from Thomas Watson’s exposition of the beatitudes and will be preaching them myself in a few weeks time as we start the Sermon on the Mount.  John M. Frame really helpful points out (in … Continue reading

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What motivates your personal devotion (quiet time)?

My ministry trainee has been asked by the DDO (Diocesan Director of Ordinands) to spend some time using the Anglican daily office in preparation for selection conference. He has also been asked to interview me about my devotional life. In … Continue reading

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True Revival

During the summer, I came across a helpful description of what happens when true revival is seen in the church. In his book A Mighty Fortress (Christian Focus 2003), T.M. Moore cites the work of John H. Armstrong who has … Continue reading

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The Top 10 on Transforming Grace (2008-09)

This time last year I posted the top 10 posts of the year.  Like this time last year I’ll take a break from blogging. I’m going back to the CPAS youth summer camp at Edgehill school in Devon then having … Continue reading

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Unloading condemnation everyday

This picture is taken from the cover of The Doctrine of Repentance by Thomas Watson [published by Puritan Paperbacks]. It depicts a scene from The Pilgrim’s Progress where Christian arrives at the cross and his burden falls off and tumbles … Continue reading

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Finished, at last

I’m finished! This is the last paragraph of Watson’s exposition of the beatitudes: Let me persuade all men cordially to embrace the ways of God. ‘His commandments are not grievous’. God never burdens us but that he may unburden us … Continue reading

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