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What the vicar did for the past six months (timesheets)

So I’ve run Timerecorder App on my phone for six months now and the graph below shows where my time has been spent. In order from most time spent to least, the work of organisation and communication (which includes meetings) … Continue reading

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What do vicars do all day? (2)

It’s two full months since I started using a time recording app to check what I spend my time on.  I want to ensure I am spending time wisely.  It’s broad brush stuff, I look at the percentages each month … Continue reading

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The shock of the first timesheet

For 12 months, beginning in September 2011, I lost track of time, and not in the good way, when time flies past because you are enjoying yourself. I stopped keeping a timesheet to monitor my work hours and how I … Continue reading

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The weekly timesheet – where does all the time go?

Before training for ordination in the Church of England, I worked for over 12 years in engineering.  One of the transferable “skills” I now use as a vicar is the weekly timesheet.  Until last year, I kept track of how … Continue reading

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