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Working out your salvation with fear and trembling is not a private matter.

In Philippians 2:12 Paul writes, “continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” As we read the English translation, which confuses “you” singular and “you” plural, in our individualistic culture, we can turn this instruction into a private … Continue reading

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Liturgy for Titus (confession and creed)

We started a 7-week series on Paul’s letter to Titus on Sunday. As we try to match liturgy to the word, I’ve written a confession based on Titus 2 and picked up a creed from Michael Perry’s book “Bible Prayers … Continue reading

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A church of small groups and more

This year at Holy Trinity we are aiming to go from being a church with small groups to a church of small groups. This is the first stage of an expanding small group ministry. The next stage will be to … Continue reading

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Gun crime, lawlessness and the gospel

A 27-year old father of two, Luke Harris, was shot dead last week in a pub in Wolverhampton. The first comment posted on the local newspaper, the Express and Star, webapage was: # Karl said: Mar 15th, 2008 at 11:33 … Continue reading

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