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Fake news and the influence of the powerful has been around since the first Easter morning.

This is the text for my letter from the vicarage for May 2017. I am writing this on the day when Theresa May announced a snap general election. Already I am feeling, “No! Not another election!!” We’ve had the Scottish … Continue reading

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The cross of Christ is God’s warning and invitation to all.

Just last month, on March 16th, a coroner in West London issued a serious warning to all smartphone users. Don’t charge your phone when you are in the bath. The warning was issued after 32 year old Richard Bull, tragically … Continue reading

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Countering liberal mottos with “Radical agreement” and “Good inclusion”.

Just do it. I’m loving it. Finger lickin’ good. Have a break… Eat fresh. Every little helps. Probably the best beer in the world. Everyone knows the power of a slogan to capture the imagination and influence the crowds. Many … Continue reading

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Ray Ortland Word Alive Galatians session 4 #WAevent2017

Evidences of grace. Word Alive is filled with evidences of grace, which will spread out from her and to the nations of the world as we enjoy the privilege of being a global intersection and meeting place. We are legally, … Continue reading

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Ray Ortland at Word Alive – Galatians session 3 #WAevent2017

God is calling Galatian style churches back to himself. To a fresh sensitivity to the Lord, to a true ordering of the gospel as we read the word of God. As we come alive to God as our Father, not … Continue reading

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Ray Ortland at Word Alive. Galatians session 2 #WAevent2017

Jesus is always inviting us to himself. To come to him AND to come back to him. Galatians 3 is Paul’s outline on how to read the whole bible, to see hope for bad people on every page. Gracious promise … Continue reading

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How “good disagreement” and “radical inclusion” are close cousins of incipient secularism.

I was recently asked to complete a survey about how seriously my son’s school takes character development. The survey was fascinating, because it imagined a very different kind of education to our current secular model with its results-based obsession. Survey … Continue reading

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