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St Luke’s Wolverhampton Ministry Trainee Posts

The church where I served as curate from 2005 to 2009 is advertising for two ministry trainees (Parish Assistants) for September. If you would like experience of serving the church and teaching about Christ from the bible in a multi-cultural, … Continue reading

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Wolverhampton Library Christian Books

For anyone living in Wolverhampton, the central Library has a good selection of Christian books in its lending library. The library regularly clears out any stock which is not being used, so it’s worth borrowing the books just to keep … Continue reading

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From the Vicarage April 2009

I thought I’d post my parish magazine letters, “From the Vicarage.” Here’s the first of four so far. Dear Friends I would like to thank everyone who has made me and the whole Robbie family feel so welcome as we … Continue reading

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My final letter in the final St Luke’s Magazine

Last week I was given a copy of the final parish magazine from my old church, St Luke’s, which coincided with my move to West Bromwich. This is what I wrote from the “curatage”. I’ve been a Christian for over … Continue reading

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Induction address

This is roughly what I said last night at my induction as vicar of Holy Trinity, West Bromwich: This is the part of the service where traditionally I announce the date of our next communion service. Well, thanks to circumstances … Continue reading

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Training for ministry: a two-stage process

On Tuesday next week I will be inducted as vicar of Holy Trinity West Bromwich. I believe I have been very well prepared for the task, though I still have lots to learn. First by three years of residential theological … Continue reading

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We are moving home, church, kids’ school and town today. I’ve been curate of St Luke’s for 3 years and 8 months. It has been a good season. The cross has regained centre ground in my life and I’ve come … Continue reading

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Gospel vision and the inner city

At a “mission action plan” meeting on Saturday we talked about three types of people who live in the inner-city: The aspirational: I want to get out of here, and will leave as soon as I have the money The … Continue reading

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Follow the Saviour (Wolverhampton version)

I posted an extended prayer of confession from Colin Buchanan’s “Follow the Saviour” CD a couple of weeks ago. We changed the Australian place names in this song to make it local. If you live in Wolverhampton or the Black … Continue reading

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Caught between a rock and…

This extract from If you don’t know me by now reveals an incredible inconsistency in Sikh thought…the teaching of the brotherhood of humanity and yet the prohibition to marry outside the same caste, let alone the same race. Here’s more … Continue reading

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