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Amos, the earthquake, the wrath of God and the cross

The words of Amos, one of the shepherds of Tekoa—the vision he saw concerning Israel two years before the earthquake. Amos 1:1 The prophecy of Amos, the shepherd prophet, who lived 800 years before Christ, opens with a unique contextual … Continue reading

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When risk and reward replace duty and love

The UK was once marked by a spirit of duty under God and love.  Men and women would go to great lengths to do the right thing for others, even at great personal cost.  This spirit has been replaced in … Continue reading

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Why you don’t need to clean yourself up before God. Matt Chandler.

You know that feeling when you’ve offended someone and even after saying sorry there’s a bit of an atmosphere?  Jesus justifies sinners before God so that there’s no more atmosphere, no awkwardness, between God and us.  When Jesus justifies sinners … Continue reading

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From the vicarage May 2011

From the vicarage May 2011 I’ve been looking again at a paper I wrote for my interview for the post of Vicar at Holy Trinity. As I read it I rediscovered this seven value statement, which I borrowed from another … Continue reading

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Gethsemane – Take this cup away

Tonight’s communion service with an hour of watching and praying will include this reminder of Jesus’ prayer to his heavenly Father to take this cup (of wrath) away.

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Suppertime discussions at the vicarage

We’re doing resurrection eggs at suppertime in the vicarage.  Tonight we read about Judas betraying Jesus.  “Why did he do it?” I asked the kids.  “Because he was greedy” the kids agreed.  Then the Queen said “God allowed it to … Continue reading

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Types of Christians who work against Christ #1

After Jesus entered Jerusalem he encountered several groups of people who were working against him as he made his way to the cross. He was about to die for his people and in turn they would go into a hostile … Continue reading

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When being gay is no choice.

I wrote last week about the lack of choice facing pregnant women after a one night stand. An abortion leads to guilt, shame and ruined relationships and having a baby leads to guilt, shame and ruined relationships. Abortion is the … Continue reading

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Which way are you sailing?

For many people the Christian life begins by grasping the cross of Christ through repentance and faith. The cross is the starting point, like a harbour in a storm, and then the Christian sets sail. With the cross behind them, … Continue reading

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O teach me what it meaneth

If there are any modern hymn writers who read this blog, could you write a new tune for this? O teach me what it meaneth, That cross uplifted high, With One, the Man of Sorrows, Condemned to bleed and die! … Continue reading

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