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When customer service can feel like exploitation

The mainstream media has exposed us to reviews of Margaret Thatcher’s life and contribution to British history ad nauseum over the past couple of days, so I post at the risk of readers already being sick to the back teeth … Continue reading

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When risk and reward replace duty and love

The UK was once marked by a spirit of duty under God and love.  Men and women would go to great lengths to do the right thing for others, even at great personal cost.  This spirit has been replaced in … Continue reading

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How entitlement culture is overcome by the gospel

We live in an age where entitlement has become part and parcel of the way we think. We might not say it, but we come to think with everyone else; I am entitled to all sorts of things. I am … Continue reading

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Co-dependency as a route to ministry burnout #2

In one of three illustrations on sacrificial love, the love which lies at the heart of God and which led to Christ’s death for sinners, Tim Keller shows what it means to be crucified by loving those who are in … Continue reading

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Co-dependency as a route to ministry burnout

The work of the pastor is never done. There are always more needs abounding than there is time to meet them all. These needs are practical, relational and theological.  People need a helping hand to do things, to fix broken … Continue reading

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The gospel in three words: love, hate, love

Here’s the gospel in three words: Love. God loves his creation, everything and everyone he made. Psalm 33:5-6 He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the steadfast love of the LORD. By the word of the LORD … Continue reading

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Self esteem and marriage failure

At our men’s breakfast on Saturday, we discussed an article by India Knight on the break up of Madonna and Guy Ritchie. According to Knight, the 7-year marriage followed a typical path: Two successful, fulfilled people with lots of self-esteem … Continue reading

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