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Golf etiquette and the gospel

Golf etiquette is a strange thing to the uninitiated.  Rules abound.  Don’t stand on your opponent’s putting line, stand still and don’t talk when others are playing, those who have the honour tee-off first, repair plug marks, replace divots (except … Continue reading

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Christian Vision for Men – Men and Motives #3 Codelife

Christian Vision for Men is launching a new initiative called “Codelife“. This is a set of twelve aspirational values taken from the bible. As I heard the 12 codes explained at a CVM seminar last Saturday it occurred to me … Continue reading

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Why I won’t use the Church of England lectionary

We take our second reading for Sunday morning services from the Church of England Common Worship lectionary, the main reading comes from our own sermon series. Yesterday we read Matthew 23v1 to 24v2 and the lectionary reading was Psalm 103.  … Continue reading

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When faith is weakened by the law

There is a constant battle in the soul of every Christian believer between the lure of neonomian faith (the mixture of law and gospel) and pure faith in Christ for salvation, justification, acceptance and the love of God. Here Ebenezer … Continue reading

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Don’t confuse the old and new man

One of the central tenets of Christian counselling is the putting off of the old self and putting on of the new (Ephesians 4:22-24). Most of our behavioural failures stem from the old self, with its ingrained patterns of sin. … Continue reading

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No peace without holiness, no holiness without peace

I’ve talked elsewhere about the nagging sense of guilt I experienced when in my mind I mixed grace with works. Here’s the preface to Horatius Bonar’s “God’s Way of Holiness“, which gets to the heart of the matter; that there … Continue reading

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Why God’s law is not a burden

I am a slow reader. It’s been 11 months since I started my blog with a quote from Thomas Watson’s exposition of the beatitudes, and I’ve just reached the book’s appendix; “His commandments are not grievous.” I blogged last week … Continue reading

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Liberals, conservatives, and the fit between the gospel and the law

This post might seem obvious to some people, but I think I’ve put the final piece of the gospel and law puzzle in place in my mind. I know that it’s really important that I work this though, as Spurgeon … Continue reading

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Gun crime, lawlessness and the gospel

A 27-year old father of two, Luke Harris, was shot dead last week in a pub in Wolverhampton. The first comment posted on the local newspaper, the Express and Star, webapage was: # Karl said: Mar 15th, 2008 at 11:33 … Continue reading

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