Carson Pue on Mentoring leaders #4

Lots of churches have vision statements. I would like to know what process churches adopt to develop vision. If you have led the development of vision for a local church your comments would be really appreciated.

At Holy Trinity we have a PCC away day in November to develop a vision for the church. The day is called:

enjoy engage envision

Enjoy a day away in a beautiful Staffordshire village; engage with God’s word; envision the church. The process started 18 months ago, during my time at St Luke’s, when my vicar asked several key church members to write a vision statement each. As we each laid our visions on the table, or wrote them on the board, it became apparent that the church leader should shape the vision and let the vision group refine it.

This process is advocated by Carson Pue who writes:

Vision intended for a group of people or an organisation or ministry almost always begins with one person. It becomes personal to the extent that we refer to it in possessive terms as “my vision” or “my calling”, yet the intent is usually to minister to or impact many others. Sometimes our first attempt at expressing vision creates a blurry image that is not clearly seen – nor understood – by others, including the leader. But wise leaders learn to gather around them trusted mentors who, under God’s guidance, help to sharpen the vision.

I believe the vision statements of many churches reflect the personality and theology of the church leader. Whatever emerges in mid November will be the culmination of a process which began in me 18 months ago, reflecting biblically on the question “what is God’s purpose for the church?” But it will not only be my work as trusted mentors will shape and refine the statement until it belongs to the church.

Has anyone any advice on the process? Am I heading along the right lines?

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