Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands – chapter 13 insights

Instruments in the Redeemers Hands ch13

Stage 4 – Do.

It is hard to be committed to long-term goals when you are putting out fires. Take the long-view 2 Corinthians 11:1-3. The Christian life must be understood in terms of the wedding day, the last day, where all other days are in preparation for that one. In other words, your whole life is a session of premarital counselling! So live now with then in view.

Sin produces “now-ism”. We forget that we belong to Christ. We forget that he is preparing us for that day. We forget what we are supposed to do to get ready. Focusing on the now simply creates more problems. Depression, for example, is mostly self absorbed now-ism.

God does not change our situations so that we can be happy, but he changes us through our situations so that we will be holy. [p241]

Growth in knowledge and insight must not be confused with genuine life change. I have met many brilliant, theologically astute students who were incredibly immature in their everyday life. [p242]

Four objectives for the “Do” stage of counselling.

1. Establish your personal ministry agenda
2. Clarify responsibility
3. Instill identity in Christ
4. Provide accountability

1. Establish your personal ministry agenda
Love – Know – Speak – what does the bible say about the information gathered? Examine things through the big lens of scripture. What has God done in Christ, or said, taught, warned, promised, commanded or encouraged that addresses this situation?

What are God’s goals for change? Put off the old and put on the new with respect to thoughts, motives, desires and behaviour.

What are some biblical methods for accomplishing God’s goals of transformation?
Seek to help people see themselves, their motives, desires and behaviour in the light of God’s desires and will for our lives. To compare our character to God’s character.

2. Clarify responsibility

Ask “Who is responsible for what?”

Three types of people. The irresponsible. Overly responsible. Genuinely confused. We must ask, what am I responsible for and what are others responsible for, before God?

Most people try to minimise their responsibility before God whilst expanding their concern for what others should be doing, they become mini-messiahs. The former shirk responsibility and believe that God has failed them when in fact they have failed God. The latter tries to control others heart and action through threats and promises, but that’s God’s work, not ours. The mini-messiah tries all manner of manipulation, control and coercion but cannot change the heart of theirobject of concern. Their job is to love the other, know them deeply and then speak the applicable truths of scripture into the situation.

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  1. askseekknock21 says:

    This should be everyone’s goal since we are married to Christ

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